The creation of Synthwave Run started in spring 2018

Over the course of development of Synthwave Run the developer has died more than 3000 times while level constructing, testing and improving the overall experience of the game.

Developer: Kristiyan Kralev

Enormous gratitude to the dedicated testers of the game, who also gave me the inspiration and motivation to finish this project!


_llaza, DiviatZapad

Synthwave Run  is  a runner type level-based mobile game that will put your reflexes and speed to the ultimate test!

Choose a Runner, pick an Operator and try to reach the System's Core by passing through dozens of uniquely crafted levels.

Dash to destroy enemies, dodge objects and pass through dangerous walls!

Enjoy simplistic yet beautiful graphics combined with epic synthwave music created by extremely talented artists!

Jump your way out of crazy situations!

Boost your speed to reach far surfaces!


Synthwave Run is a passion project developed entirely by Kristiyan Kralev
Permission is granted to all: download and distribute the content on this page as you see fit.